author spotlightz – e’yen a. gardner

Please help me welcome E’yen A. Garder, the author of four books:  “Humbly Submitting to Change – The Wilderness Experience,” “Break Free,” “Chosen One” and “In the Morning.”

1.)  Why did you want to become a writer?

When I write I have no worries, no fears, nothing matters but that moment.  I can spend hours writing and it seems like minutes.  I believe everyone has a gift; I discovered that writing is my gift. 

2.)  Has this always been your aspiration?

No.  I never envisioned I would be writing full-time.  I owned a successful printing business for five years but writing started to pull my heart away from it.  I found fulfillment through writing so though it was hard I closed my business and became a writer.

3.)  What or whom inspires you when you’re writing?

My wife inspires me because she is so colorful.  There is never a dull moment when I am with her.  Love inspires me.  My children inspire me a lot.  I write for them.  If my books can’t help anyone else, my hope is that they will inspire my children to discover the life hidden in them.  Really I can find inspiration in almost anything.  Music, movies, bible, books, emotions shared through relationships.  Inspiration comes from all angles.

4.)  How would you categorize your books, in what genre or genres?

Good question.  Spiritual journey books.  They are books that deal with discovering your purpose, dealing with life and seeing God beyond the eyes of religion.  They are not religious books even though I use bible scriptures and that can scare some people away.  I use scriptures to show that bible characters are people just like you and me. They struggled with some of the same things we struggle with.  My books have inspired me to take the journey to discovering who I really am and living life to it fullest.  I believe religion separates but I believe my books reveal that we all have a purpose and that greatness lives inside of us.

5.)  Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? 

Don’t look to follow someone’s else path but follow your heart.  Don’t compare your writings to others but learn more about your gift each day.  Write for yourself and allow what comes out of you to inspire others.  Don’t be afraid of chaos for it creates a fresh perspective.  Most importantly, write.  It is the only way you will get better. 

6.)  How can readers attain your books?

My books including my latest release “In the Morning” are available at  [They are] also available at (paperback/kindle) and (paperback/NookBook).


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