author spotlightz – annastaysia savage

Please help me welcome Annastaysia Savage, author of “Any Witch Way.”

1.)  Why did you want to become a writer?
I wanted to become a writer, a fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/horror fiction writer actually,  because I’ve always been entranced by stories written in those genres.   I would become lost for hours in those type of books, not realizing just how much time had passed. I loved having the escape of reading and the “fantasy travel” it afforded me.  Having an “overactive” imagination, as I had been told, I began writing down my own thoughts and ideas into short stories.  During a contest in grade school, a short story I wrote was selected for publication in a small, county produced magazine.  I was elated.  This was the first time I actually thought I could be a writer.  Though many years have passed between then and now, I have never lost the desire to write.  Most likely because I’ve never lost that fascination with the macbre or with writers like Stephen King, J.K.Rowling, Anton Chekhov or E.A.Poe.    I guess in the end, I  felt like I had a story to tell too.   I was just hoping someone, anyone, wanted to hear it.
2.)  Has this always been your aspiration?
Actually, yes.  Writing and Art have always been my aspirations and desires.  I can’t imagine doing anything else.  I know that my “work” will not please everyone all the time and that’s okay, what a boring place this world would be if we were in fact -all the same, but I do hope it makes at least some people happy.  I remember my father saying to me before he died, “Make sure you work a job you love and it won’t feel like work.”  At the time, I didn’t believe him.  I thought, “Work is work, it’s not going to be fun no matter what.”  Boy was I wrong.  Everyday I wake up knowing I’m doing exactly what I love, what I want to do.  I’m lucky enough to be able to do what I want in life.  Now I’m not saying I didn’t work other unwanted jobs to get to where I am today, but I was always striving to be an artist and writer. 
3.)  What or whom inspires you when you’re writing?
Wow, good question.  I’ll just list the answers for you. 
Ghost stories, black pointy hats, C.S. Lewis, scratching noises at the back door, being afraid, black cats, mountains, sea monsters, fairy creatures, snow, cemeteries, forests, the sound of snapping twigs, whispers, nightmares, full moons, The Brothers Grimm, footsteps in the dark, witches, Edward Gorey, gnarled old trees, pumpkins, Halloween, Dr. Seuss, autumn, Anne Rice, crows, shadows, bones, Lemony Snicket, Tim Burton, stormy days and stormy nights, J.K.Rowling, the unknown, Roald Dahl, grandfather clocks and of course my very dark, very creaky, very moldy, very spiderwebby and very scary basement…
4.)  How would you categorize your books, in what genre or genres?
I would have to say my book Any Witch Way was written in the fantasy genre for middle grade to young adult.  I’ve written other, short stories that are out now in that same genre, maybe lingering more towards horror,  and a few others that are more adult. 
5.)  Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Just keep writing, keep sending your work out and never stop.  Don’t get discouraged, just keep going.  Even when you feel like crying and giving up, keep at it.  Something will happen for you if you have utter determination and drive.  It’s a hard business to get into, especially with how the publishing market is changing.  Just don’t ever give up.
6.)  How can readers attain your books?
My book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads; It’s also available through my publisher:  JournalStone.

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