“Deconstructing INFACTUATION” by Merce Cardus


“Deconstructing INFATUATION” by Merce Cardus was good.  Helen, whose boyfriend travels 350 days out of the year, needs a roommate.  Her current roommate, Marleen, is getting married to her boyfriend so she needs to feel the vacancy.  Tiziano comes and checks the room, and they pick him.  Helen is not sure how to feel about him at first…actually she just doesn’t plain like him, but soon they start spending time together, and she finds herself starting to like him.  Maybe have feelings for him.
Tiziano is so different from what she’s used to.  He’s daring, romantic, passionate and actually wants to be around her.  He also teaches her about herself, what she likes and what she’s possibly missing.  Little does she realize, Helen is starting to fall for Tiziano.  She believes it’s love, but really it’s only infatuation.  He came into her life and woke her up, so to speak.  Showed her what she really wanted and how she was inside.  It goes so deep that, after the month that he is only renting, she wants to go back to Italy with him, leaving everything behind.  Helen’s friend, Emily, tries to tell her that this will pass, but Helen doesn’t believe it until Tiziano doesn’t come back at all.
I did enjoy reading “Deconstructing INFATUATION.”  Ms. Cardus helped shed light on the fact that someone new can come into your life when you least expect it and practically “force” you to realize what you’ve been missing and actually wanted in your life all along.  Personally, I was able to relate to this story.  I think we’ve all been infatuated with someone at some point in our lives.
I give it 3 stars.

“Deconstructing INFATUATION” by Merce Cardus was provided courtesy of Great Romance Promotions in exchange for an honest review.


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