Review: Who’s Fooling Who

Who's Fooling Who
Who’s Fooling Who by Alisha Yvonne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Who’s Fooling Who” by Alisha Yvonne was a very good and fast read for me. Being a huge fan of drama stories, especially in an urban-fiction setting, this story was right-on-point. The tale is about two couples, Ace and Tempest Bynum and Lemont and Lynette Rapid, who have both put in years in their relationship, but, as time goes on, they soon discover that all they have are those years and nothing to show for it.
Ace Bynum is cool and collective but tired of being made to feel “less than” by his wife. Tempest Bynum is conniving, manipulative and a wife that has shown her husband too many times that she did not take her vow “for better or for worse” to heart. Ace is sick and has been for a long time, and Tempest is so over putting her life on hold. As a result, she hires Faith Yarbrough as a live-in aid to take care of her husband, but, little does Tempest know, Faith is Ace’s first-love that he hasn’t completely gotten over…
Lemont Rapid is a scoundrel and a snake. He and Lynette have been married for twenty-two years. She has even looked past one of his infidelities that produced a child…at this point, a sixteen-year old to be exact. However, worst comes to head, when Lynette discovers a three-year affair that Lemont has been carrying on, and it’s gets even more dirty when it comes to light that another child could have been produced from this union.
“Who’s Fooling Who” is a real page-turner…I was reading this book every chance I got. The drama had me all wrapped up. Ms. Yvonne wove a really good story here. It will definitely be favored among urban-fiction fans.
I give it 4 stars.

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