Review: The Dirt Eaters

The Dirt Eaters
The Dirt Eaters by H.D. Timmons
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“The Dirt Eaters” by H.D. Timmons was an interesting short story. While reading this, I became immersed in the culture of Betty and Rosalyn and wanted to know more about dirt-eaters. Even when Rosalyn and her husband moved away, Rosalyn’s need for the chalk, the so-called “dirt,” was still strong, and, because of this, she even went against her husband’s wishes to consume dirt. I also really enjoyed the way the author weaved a sense of community into her story when Gladys stopped by and boldly let Rosalyn know that she, too, was a “dirt-eater,” and she should not feel alone. Actually, that part of the story really appealed to me because I love getting together with a group of my friends and sharing a common interest so I really appreciated the author incorporating that aspect into her story.
However, when Rosalyn’s husband, Earl, gets killed in a race riot, and Rosalyn has to move back home, I wasn’t quite sure how that part connected with the rest of the story. It was almost like the flow had stopped at that point and then the story ended.

I give it 3 stars.

P.S.  “The Dirt Eaters” was provided free-of-charge from Smashwords.

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