Review: Stealing Candy

Stealing Candy
Stealing Candy by Allison Hobbs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Stealing Candy” by Allison Hobbs was riveting, suspenseful, played with my mind and down-right dirty all at the same time. Being an avid reader, it’s very rare that I discover a book that can do that all for me, but I’ve really suceeded here. Ms. Hobbs paints a picture that’s leaves you so open and so vulnerable that you can’t help, but come back for me. She sheds light on a very important social topic – sex trafficking…detailing the story of an ex-con named Bullet who believes twenty-something prostitutes are too old to mess with for his pimp game so he prefers to go for what he calls “his candy.” He has stolen three underage girls and, by using manipulation, violence and head-games, has forced them into selling their “goodies” for cash to support his lifestyle, his bankroll. He eventually has them believing that they even can grow to love this life, and theirs is better off with him because nobody else cares. But, he forgot about one person…Saleema Sparks. She decides to search for one of the girls, and ends of gaining so much in the process…love, self-worth, self-examination, but she also gets murder.
“Stealing Candy” had me on the edge of my seat…even while I was grocery shopping because even though I always have my 3-year old daughter right there with me anyway, I found myself pulling her closer, making sure she was within my eyesight. My 10-year old niece was with me as well, and I kept saying to her “Stay near me…you need to stay close to me.”

I give it 5 stars.

P.S.  “Stealing Candy” was recommended and provided on-loan by my co-worker, Gwen Clark.

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