Review: Don’t Look Before You Leap

Don't Look Before You LeapDon’t Look Before You Leap by David Webb

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Don’t Look Before You Leap” was entertaining and funny…David Webb, a pilot for American Airlines, shares with his readers stories beginning with his childhood, his growing-up and going away to school. He even throws in additional stories about his brothers and the trips that they made, his “veggie truck” and provides his readers with a pointer on how to get rich. These stories were entertaining, funny and full of life…I especially enjoyed “Bugs,” “HeMen” and “Getting Rich.” The opening actually starts out a little slow w/”Coming Clean,” and, sometimes, it feels as if the author is leading his readers off on a tangent without a straight, narrow path in mind such as in “Eye, Eye Sir” and “The Dress.”

However, the best seems to have been saved for last as “Bugs,” “HeMen” and “Getting Rich” were the last three stories of the book…I would definitely have to say that the author seems to have been building his readers to an ultimate climax…which they are still high on, and hopefully can continue with his next book, “This is NOT a Serious Book” which he announces at the end.

I would definitely recommend this book to readers who favor more books that are more anecdotal and funny.

I give it 3 stars.

P.S.  “Don’t Look Before You Leap” was provided courtesy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The e-version is available at both Amazon and Barnes&Noble for $2.99. 

 The paperback version is also available at Amazon.  However, you can visit Mr. Webb’s blog directly at and receive a 15% discount off the $6.99 list price…just enter the code YBTT9URW – it’s listed on his site as well.

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