Review: Carolina Shout!

Carolina Shout!Carolina Shout! by Alan Schroeder

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Carolina Shout!” by Alan Schroeder was both entertaining and educational. It tells the story of a little girl living in Charleston, SC who can hear music all around her…from the mamas in the grocery store buying their goods to the fisherman on the docks selling oysters. She doesn’t understand how her sister says she can’t her music because she believes it’s all around if you’ll just listen.

I liked this book because it illustrated a young girl who was making the most of her surroundings and finding joy in the little sounds around her…making lemonade out of the lemons she was, most likely, dealt. Also, I believe this book to be very educational because the author describes in his note, at the end of the book, how he wrote this book with the particular calls in mind that would be around the streets during the war time – calls of the vendors calling people’s attention to what they had to sell. I would definitely recommend it to children that are growing up and wanting to learn more of their history.

I give it 3 stars.

P.S.  “Carolina Shout!” was provided on-loan from my local library.

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