Review: After

AfterAfter by Amy Efaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“After” by Amy Efaw was a very moving and powerful read…Devon, a fifteen-year old soccer player gets pregnant, and, probably similar to most fifteen-year olds who gets pregnant, she is in denial, shock and doesn’t want it to happen. But, unlike many, she is in denial all throughout her pregnancy, and, because of this, when her baby is born, she attempts to get rid of IT the only way she knows how – the TRASH.

Consequently, Devon is soon enveloped in a sea of orange jumpsuits, juvenile court, her lawyer, but, worst of all, dealing with her own emotions and feelings. She begins to learn more of how she came to this point and how she will go forward from her.

More importantly, Devon realizes that she’s not exempt – she can make mistakes and learn from them. Staying in lockup around other girls her age, she thinks she is so much different from them, but she quickly learns that she’s one-in-the-same. And, with the help of her lawyer, Dom, she comes to grip with who she really is, and what she really did, even if she can’t remember.

I went through so many emotions in this book…it was very moving. And, even though many of us haven’t been in Devon’s exact situation, I think we can all relate to having something happen when you didn’t want it to happen, and what to do from that point forward.

I give it 5 stars.

P.S.  “After” was obtained from my personal library.

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