Review: A Bright New Morning: An American Story

A Bright New Morning: An American StoryA Bright New Morning: An American Story by Phil Mitchell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“A Bright New Morning: An American Story” by Phil Mitchell was okay…bringing a patriotic message, Mitchell discusses, throughout the book, his home state of Chicago, his beginnings, and the people that he has met while working as a trolley driver. While his message was important, to be honest, I did have some difficulties while trying to complete this book. Aside from the grammatical errors, Mitchell never fully completes any thought he brings up…many parts are scattered around, and even though some points that are presented hold validity, they are not completely explained.

Mitchell also relays to the reader that he is a musician, and he has written songs that relate to the message that he is desperately trying to spread, that it’s time for America to come back together, and we all need to work in unity to achieve this goal. His music does support his effort…I previewed the songs that were on his album, “America, ” and they were pretty good.

Overall, Mitchell has a strong message, a message that needs to be heard. And, should he decide to re-publish his book, I would strongly suggest an in-depth revision to tie up any loose ends that are still hanging. If he decides to go that route, I believe the revised copy along with his album will get him steps closer to the goal in which he is trying to acheive.

I give it 3 stars(the book was okay, but his music bumped the stars up a notch.)

P.S.  “A Bright New Morning: An American Story” was provided courtesy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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